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Things to know about House Of The Dragons

Things To Know About House Of The Dragons
Things To Know About House Of The Dragons

House of the Dragons is a prequel to the thrilling Games of thrones. It narrates the story that happened 200 years ago and the clash between different houses. Also, we got introduced to the House of Velaryon, the ancient one similar to Targaryen and the High Towers.  Just like GOT, this series has been filled with cut-throat actions and blood baths. Here we have some interesting things to know about House of Dragons

The beginning and the end of the Targaryens

House of The Dragons is completely based on the rise and fall of The Targaryen.

It revolves around how the Targaryens seized the throne. After the death of Viserys I his descendants Rhaenyra and Aegon II seemed to be fighting for the throne causing a war.

The Dragons are yet to come

Unlike the Game of throne series, House of The Dragons is filled with 17 Dragons.

Since it showcased the old Westeros of a different world, we will encounter plenty of Dragons in the upcoming season.

The Changed race of Veloryan

 According to the Novel, Corlys Velaryon have pale skin, silver hair, and purple eyes.

In order to bring diversity the series crew sought permission from Martin to change the race of the Corlys Velaryon family to a Royal Black family.

 A Prequel to prequel 

To kindle the curiosity of GOT fans, this series will be having a prequel with a much older setting than House Of the Dragons. Still not sure about the title, but fans are guessing if the prequel is based on The Winds Of Winter.

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