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Amazing facts about Jeremy Renner

Amazing Facts About Jeremy Renner
Amazing Facts About Jeremy Renner

Are you curious to know about Jeremy Renner, who plays the superhero persona Hawkeye? Continue reading to learn more surprising facts about Jeremy Renner. 

  • He showed his musical ability by performing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for Thinking Out Loud. Also, he released his new extended play titled “The Medicine” which portrays the struggle of Renner’s personal life. 
  • Jeremy worked as a make-up artist in the early days of his career. He stated that he is good at doing makeup once after developing this skill. Renner gets the freedom and free time for an audition once engaged in the makeup artist profession. 
  • He is a self-trained martial artist who gets training in Filipino fighting style called Arnis and Muay Thai martial arts. This helps him to do the movie stunts without any ease. 
  • Renner become notable for the role of Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in The Avengers. He appeared in various Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) films and got his stand-alone series Hawkeye in 2021 on the Disney streaming platform. 
  • He prefers to do the stunts himself mostly but sometimes it looks like a poor choice. Renner broke both his arms when shooting Tag in 2018. Moreover, he agreed to take another stunt before heading to the hospital. 
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