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Top Five Steven Spielberg Movies Of All Time

Top Five Steven Spielberg Movies Of All Time
Top Five Steven Spielberg Movies Of All Time

Steven Spielberg is a magical director, writer, and producer who is known all over the world. His movies are incredible and Spielberg is rightly regarded as one of the most influential directors the world has ever seen. Here is a list of his top 5 movies.


This is one of Spielberg’s masterpieces. Although the director was behind schedule, he managed to create an incredible movie that won three Academy Awards. In this classic film, there is a killer shark that terrorizes a coastal community. There were lots of obstacles during the production of this movie. However, Spielberg overcame them all and delivered this magical film that will be spoken of till the world lasts.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

This film holds the record for the number of days it has run in theaters, which was more than a year! It is all about the friendship that develops between a boy and an alien. The boy helps the alien in reaching his home planet. Kids of the 80s loved this film, and even today, many TV series draw inspiration from this evergreen movie.

Minority Report

This one is a sci-fi movie that revolves around a terrifying world. Here, authorities keep predicting crimes. They go ahead and arrest the potential perpetrators before they have a chance to commit the crimes. Tom Cruise plays the lead role in this film.

Jurassic Park

It is based on the novel (of the very same name) written by Michael Crichton. None other than Spielberg could have brought the extinct dinosaurs to life so vividly. It is all about some experts who visit a huge theme park. There is a power failure out of the blue because of which the cloned dinosaurs try to escape the theme park!

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

This is one of those fascinating UFO movies. The protagonist is Roy Neary and this role is played by Richard Dreyfuss. His monotonous days suddenly become exciting after a strange encounter. In the process of learning more about extra-terrestrial life, Roy Neary gets highly obsessed with UFOs.

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