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Facts about the Pop King Micheal Jackson

Facts About The Pop King Micheal Jackson
Facts About The Pop King Micheal Jackson

“Micheal Jackson”, the name needs no introduction. Though it has been a decade since he passed away, the pop king’s music still rules many people’s playlists. He was best known for his remarkable talent, voice, and enigma. Many celebrities worldwide still copy his iconic moves, particularly his signature moves like “Moonwalk” and the “robot”. His famous hits include Billie Jean, They Don’t Care About Us, Thriller, and Beat It. Read along to know more about Micheal Jackson.


  • Micheals started dancing when he was five years old. He was part of the famous band called Jackson 5, which was created and coached by his father Joe Jackson. 
  • Jackson holds an outstanding 39 Guinness world record. 
  • He coined the term Shamone, another way of saying come on. Also, he took this expression from Mavis Staples’s song “ I’ll Take You There” 
  • Michael Jackson confessed he was so scared of his father, even in his adult life. In his childhood, he would often faint seeing his father. 
  • Among all other albums, his thriller album is the best-selling of all time over 66 million copies worldwide. 
  • He received two Nobel Prize nominations in 1998 and 2004 for his humanitarian work. 
  • Due to the heavy routine for the concert and music albums, he tends to lose more pounds. His costume designer revealed that Micheal Jackson had a shrinking waist. 
  • His death shook the whole world, and many websites on the net crashed at the same time approximately 3:15 P.M.
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