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Coolio’s girlfriend is in grief and happiness: “We had no secrets”

Coolio and his girlfriend had a great understanding: “seeing other women”

Coolio’s Girlfriend Is In Grief And Happiness: “we Had No Secrets”

Coolio’s girlfriend claimed that “ we had no secrets”. The rapper from Gangsta’s Paradise, who died last Thursday at the age of 59 after going into cardiac arrest, had been dating Mimi Ivey for ten years at the time of his passing. He was ‘seeing other women,’ before his death. 

‘We were best friends. We would talk about everything and joke and laugh about everything. There was never a dull moment being with him,’ she said.

‘He was an eccentric, a storyteller. He loved life. He loved his family, his career, and he loved to make people smile.’

She said: “He was who he was. If he was seeing other women, I knew about it. There’s nothing that man ever did that he hid from me. We talked about everything. I knew his whole life. We had no secrets.”

Mimi, who has two children from a previous relationship, stated that she “collapsed” to her knees in horror when she learned that Coolio had passed away.

She added, “I just remember all of the air and life coming out of my body. I was outside, getting ready to take my son to football practice, and collapsed.”

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