Famous People and Their Estranged Parents

Four famous celebrities who have a rocky relationship with their parents.

Famous People And Their Estranged Parents

1. Justin Bieber 

The sensational singer 2015 revealed in an interview that his relationship with his single mother Pattie Mallette is “Pretty non-existing”. Though the star worked things out with his mom now, the estranged phase was due to Justin’s lawsuits and arrests during that time. 

2. Ariel Winter

The modern family star filed a restraining order against mom Crystal Workman in 2012 when she was just 14 years old. Ariel accused her mom of physical and verbal abuse and stated that all of it started when her mom saw Ariel and her boyfriend together in bed. Ariel finally and legally got emancipated from her mom. 

3. Beyonce

The multi-talented artist didn’t have a smooth relationship with her father Mathew Knowles. The reason behind this is because Mathew during her childhood left Beyonce and her mother frequently and reconcile with them whenever he feels like. Mathew was also found cheating on her mother by fathering another kid. All this left the famous singer to have an estranged relationship with her father. 

4. Michael Jackson

The pop star had a terrible relationship with his father. The pop star claimed in an interview that his father would beat him up with a belt if he played his notes poorly. He also said  that his father body shamed him when he was a child commenting on his nose. He also acknowledged that, even as an adult, he still feared his father. 

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