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Surprising Facts About Kristen Stewart You Need to Know

Surprising Facts About Kristen Stewart You Need To Know
Surprising Facts About Kristen Stewart You Need To Know

Kristen Stewart is well known for her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight series remains notable among people. Apart from acting, she also works with several high-end fashion brands for years. Are you eager to know more about her? Keep reading to explore interesting facts about Kristen Stewart. 


  • Her parents have engaged in the Hollywood industry led her to act. She once told that her parents are hardworking crew members who inspired her to work in the entertainment industry. 
  • She is a multi-instrumentalist who plays trumpet, electric, and acoustic guitar. Also, she plays guitar in Into the Wild and The Runaways
  • In 2012, Forbes reported that Kristen earned $34.5 million and becomes the highest-paid actor that year. Her career continues to stay in the spotlight after the Twilight series. 
  • Apart from music and acting, she likes to try her hand at directing. In 2017, she made her directing dream into reality through the short film Come Swim. The premiere of this film occurred at Sundance Film Festival and got a lot of good reviews. 
  • A lot of assumptions regarding Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dating in real life occurred when Twilight was being filmed. The entire plot changed into a bad circumstance when Kristen is caught cheating on Robert with director Rupert Sanders. US Weekly published their pictures which created a firestorm of events. 
  • After her breakup with Robert and other men, she transformed into bisexual later. Recently, she is dating Dylan Meyer, a screenwriter, and actor.
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