Zendaya and Tom Holland’s First Public Date of 2024

They were captured in the stands together

Zendaya And Tom Holland’s First Public Date Of 2024
Zendaya And Tom Holland’s First Public Date Of 2024

Zendaya and Tom Holland have been dating for quite some time now. In 2016, they were cast as the leads in the movie, “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” What started as a friendship between the two actually ended up in romance! Since then, Zendaya and Holland have been dating and making some public appearances as a couple. But do you know what was their first public date of 2024? The answer is right here! Read along to know more about the special date.

Where Was the Couple’s First Date of 2024?

Recently, Zendaya was seen attending the men’s final of the BNP Paribas Open, Indian Wells, California. And, her boyfriend, Tom Holland, joined her in the stands. They were filmed in the stands and were seen jamming to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves me)” by Whitney Houston. 

How Were Zendaya and Tom Holland Dressed on the Date?

Zendaya was suitably dressed for the occasion in Louis Vuitton. She had paired her white tennis skirt with a matching T-shirt and sweater. Holland was also wearing a white T-shirt, but he had paired it with an open burgundy top. He completed his look with a pair of cool sunglasses.

How Often Does the Couple Date?

The couple has not appeared together in any red carpet-event so far. However, Zendaya and Holland support each other on social media and in interviews. Zendaya talks about Holland’s projects, and vice versa.


In the “Dune: Part Two” press tour, Zendaya gave a shout-out to Holland. On Instagram, Holland has reposted the “Challengers” promotional material.

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