Sara Evans Reconciles with Her Husband, Jay Barker

How the duo got back together…

Sara Evans Reconciles With Her Husband, Jay Barker
Sara Evans Reconciles With Her Husband, Jay Barker

The country music singer and songwriter, Sara Evans, reveals her reconciliation with her husband, Jay Barker, after two years of filing for divorce. 

Why Did Evans File a Divorce against Jay Barker?

Lately, Evans began a podcast called “Diving Deep with Sara Evans,” where she opened up about her relationship with her husband, Barker. Also, she explained the instances that led to his arrest in 2022. Barker, the former football player, attempted to attack Evans and her friend violently and missed it. For that, he was charged with the felony of aggravated assault with a weapon. Because of these aggressive events, Evans filed for divorce from Barker and got him arrested. 

Evans’ Advice for Women in Relationship

Evans thinks a lot of women will and want to judge her, but she says she and Barker are happy now. However, she will not suggest that others stay in a relationship if it’s too bad. “We’re so happy now, but I don’t want anyone to think that I’m advocating staying in a relationship where you are ever, in your gut, you know that you need to exit the situation,” Evans said. 


According to Evans, every woman needs to follow her gut to do what is best for her. “I believe and I hope that I’ve done that,” states Evans.

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