Yet another blunder by GoT

Seriously how bad can the last season of Game of Thrones get? It’s so morbid that we so badly want it to end.

Fans are already infuriated that the final season has only 6 episodes. Over that, Episode 4 of Season 8 was enough to make people hate GoT. Not to forget the coffee cup mishap that is still doing rounds among trolls and social media. Memes have boomed and Starbucks got millions of dollars of advertising for free.

But that didn’t just end there.

Episode 5 aired this week and things were never so bad with the show. In fact, it was worse to a point that made my hardcore GoT worshipping friend use hashtags such as #HateGameofThrones on social media.

And apart from a senseless story and the illogical writing, there was yet another blunder that ardent fans noticed.

In the fifth episode, fans noticed that Jaime’s prosthetic hand that’s cast in gold grew back. The image shows Jaime embracing Cersei, his sister in one of the scenes prior to their deaths, and his right hand is just right there. Miracle!

Producers realized their mistake and just like the cup, deleted the image from their website. So, All’s fine in Westeros.

With only one episode left and most admired characters dead, fans don’t even remember why they got addicted to the world’s most happening TV show in the world. People have already boycotted GoT in their minds, let’s see what the last episode holds.


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