Hate Game of Thrones? You are not alone

Amidst all the hype and furor over Game of Thrones, Twitterati feels that with every passing episode, the writers haven’t made that great of an effort to put their best out there, keeping in mind that this is the series finale.

Apart from the fact that the battle of Winterfell was barely visible to the eyes (unless you had night vision glasses), Bran’s frustrating blank stare despite claiming to be the know-it-all, it was the fourth episode that tipped viewers off that they started complaining.

Spoilers ahead so read it at your own risk

“Pissed” was my GoT worshipping friend’s verdict. “How could they do this?” she fumed with dejection when I asked her if Episode 4 was worth it. Jon Snow didn’t even pat Ghost on the head. Poor Ghost. Jaime left Brienne after sleeping with her, another dragon was killed, major characters who were nurtured with heartwarming build-up slayed ruthlessly, oh, and not to forget the Starbucks coffee that was in front of Daenerys. Either that’s a crew mishap or cheeky product placement. Whatever, fans had only one thing in mind after watching Episode 4– ‘It sucked’.


We give you a glimpse of what frustrated fans had to say on Twitter–


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