Sustainable and Ethical Fashion is not a distant dream anymore!

Team Mayamiko, Paola Masperi sitting in the front at the right hand side.

After getting over from the hangover of Hollywood celebrities’ bizarre show at Met Gala in the name of fashion it was a necessity for us to bring up a real deal fashion story to the limelight which is happening without making any big waves or storms. Starting from no wastage, green energy to women empowerment UK fashion brand Mayamiko does it all. It stands unique and exemplary to many luxury fashion brands to look up to. The company founded by Paola Masperi in 2015.

Masperi’s aim is to limit the wastages and reuse them. As a first step her brand makes clothes in limited quantity to avoid wastages. All the apparel are made from organic cotton which is available from the local weavers. This avoids a lot of green energy wastage. On top of all these the factory runs on solar energy. Pledged to do an environmental friendly fashion business the brand makes sanitary pads and jewellery pieces from scraps!

Total respect!

But it’s not over on…

The Mayamiko website ships the product through recyclable materials. The company is collaborated with “one tree Planted” , a non-profit organization and makes sure that a tree is planted for every single purchase. It also contributes to women empowerment as most of the workers are women from local villages and are given meals everyday with all other benefits.

The brand collaborates with Booteek, a Sri Lankan project which supports the mothers of disabled children by employing them and the products made by them are available on Mayamiko website. The brand also unites with Fiore all’ Occhiello, a cooperative which employs people who left franchises, refugees and people who needs asylum.

While the fashion industry is criticized for many of its known blunders in the recent past, this kind of irreproachable thought implementations with goodwill and global vision is refreshing and gives some kind of hope to the entire world. Share it as much as possible.

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