Why the current Trump administration is plagued by incompetence

The current Trump administration baffles me. I still don’t see on what grounds his children Eric, Ivanka and Don Jr. all started associating themselves closely with the administration given their prior lack of experience.

More than anyone else, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are getting way too much attention and Trump seems to be relying too hard on them to decide upon his foreign policy. Hell, Jared was even tasked to stabilize the Middle-East Asian crisis which he couldn’t (as expected of him).

But think about it, why is Donald Trump making serious political business more of a family affair?

Ivanka and Jared are technically labeled Trump’s ‘advisers’ but they are completely unfit judging from their blank stare and pretentious words they blurt out on international platforms. They look totally out of place and barely have a clue what is it that they are meant to do.

It’s like, they’ve been living their lavish lifestyle and the next day they’re called upon to propose plans to World Leaders.

It’s a shame. It’s a shame that being Trump’s children is the only qualification that puts them in a room full of World leaders.

Ivanka traveled with her father to South Korea and the G-20 summit in Japan to meet with world leaders. French television caught her trying to force herself in a conversation among Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emanuel Macron, then British Prime Minister Theresa May and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde. And it was a hilarious attempt at craving attention.

Ivanka had probably no idea what they were talking about. She just cannot walk into a bunch of World leaders and pretend to know a thing or two about world peace.

It’s a World Forum, not a late-night bar Ivanka.

Next up, Jared Kushner.

First, a little background check— His Harvard degree is controversial, he happens to have an influential father and he has no track record of real work. Jared Kushner is a living example of why a rich father is all you need in life. Go look up his LinkedIn profile. You’ll find a blunt profile staring at you in the face.

So earlier we mentioned how Jared Kushner was tasked to stabilize the Palestine-Israel conflict with his version of the Middle East peace plan. His solution? $50 billion of financial and economic relief for the Palestinians to boost their economy and well being.

But Jared, why would they want your money when they are actually fighting for territory.

And let us remind ourselves that Jared Kushner is a Jew. You’d be nuts to entitle a jew to solve the Palestinian problem because the outcomes of that decisions are going to be heavily biased.

So to sum it up, Jared Kushner’s Middle East plan looked something like this:

The Middle-East broke out in metaphorical laughter. The Arabs called it a joke, Israel had a good laugh. Those countries didn’t even send representatives to that meeting. Basically, Jared made a fool of himself proposing such outrageous policies without any homework.

I wonder how long this Spoilsport is going to last. It feels like watching a real-life, shabby version of Empire. Till then I’ll wait until Ivanka and Jared have figured out what value they can add to the current administration.

‘The American Dream’ now sounds phony and pretentious because of them.

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