Hit single ‘Old Town road’ gets a Korean twist!

If teaming up with Billy Ray Cyrus wasn’t exciting enough, the newest version of Old Town Road will make your jaw drop.

Singer Lil Nas X has teamed up with Rm of BTS and dropped a new remix of Old Town Road on Thursday night. And the duo renamed the iconic song as ‘Seoul Town Road’. How cool is that?

The new remix track is slightly shorter than Lil Nas X’s original version or the one with Billy Ray Cyrus. It comes under two minutes but absolutely kills it. BTS’s hardcore fans, who largely go by the name ‘BTS Army’ are going crazy over the remix. Check out the track below:

This comes after OldTown Road smashed BillBoard records after the hit track was on the #1 spot for the ninth straight week on the Billboard Hot 100, a feat that has never been achieved by no other song this year.

This song is never gonna get old.

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