This video of Ivanka Trump craving for attention will remind you of prom

Just because you’re some famous person’s daughter doesn’t mean you’re qualified to talk about serious global issues, that too among world leaders. We’re talking about Ivanka Trump, daughter of the American President Donald Trump.

Trump made a mockery of the G20 Summit held in Osaka by making it a family affair, needlessly mixing family and geopolitics as per his whim. Instead of deciding to go with a qualified diplomat, he let the likes of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump tag along with him.

Here’s that video that’s making the rounds and drawing criticism on Ivanka, being intrusive and pretending to know a deal or two over the likes of Emanuel Macron, Theresa May, Justin Trudeau and Christine Lagarde (IMF head).

The expressions on their faces are more like, “Wtf is she doing here?”

Just by being in a room full of intellectuals doesn’t make you one Ivanka.

This is a World Summit, not one of her perfume launches. The White House, again and again, tries to find Ivanka a role to play in Politics claiming that she’s a talented Spokesperson. She pretends to know things. Well if she really wants to learn, she has to first acknowledge that she knows nothing. We are here to discuss the future of the world here, not promote her new line of Perfume collection.

It has been noted many times that she’s always around when there’s an important policy discussion just because her father wanted so. With so many burgeoning problems on the plate from Iran to North Korea, Trump seems to be heavily reliant on Ivanka Trump, a rookie spokesperson with no inherent knowledge of the pressing issues.

And this cheap gesture of her trying to thrust her baseless opinion, or pretending to have one, is a defining proof that she’s not yet cut out to be what’s expected of her. At this rate, she’d continue to fake her way into people believing that she’s got ‘potential’, or ‘showing signs’ of a diplomat with caliber.

Everything about her seems inflated and hyped up to an extensive level. She has no real proof, no convincing track record albeit having a dad who happens to be the President of the United States.

The best she could do is OBSERVE. Keep her mouth shut and observe how things are done. Just because you’ve been given a platform (fortunately or unfortunately) to voice your views doesn’t mean you can mindlessly rant out of context, that too among global leaders and diplomats.

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