US Airline Bookings Soar as More Americans Get Vaccinated!

Get vaccinated to go on a tour, get vaccinated to find a match on dating apps, get vaccinated to go mask-free. The vaccination drive in the U.S. has finally paid off, with airline bookings on the rise.

The White House had earlier announced that U.S. inhabitants could go mask-free after being vaccinated and collaborated with dating websites to create vaccinated profiles for their clientele to promote vaccination amongst the community.

Their efforts have begun to pay off since Friday. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported that they had screened 2.3 million people in a single day, a first after 1.5 years of screening less than 100,000 people a day due to the pandemic.

Major airlines are salvaging their costs by flying local following the Boeing CEO’s prediction that a few of them go bankrupt due to the inactive state of international travel.

The TSA and airlines seek vaccinated volunteers to help them screen the oncoming traffic of flyers and have also offered vaccinated flight attendants extra vacation days.

Several airlines also announced that the jobs of previously sacked or on the line employees are secure following the government’s decision on relaxing compulsory quarantine.

The upcoming Memorial Day celebration is looked forth by airlines as well as hotels to compensate past losses.

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