Melinda Could Expose More About Bill Gates Protected by NDAs?

Massive alimony, minor children, and a huge media presence call for a messy divorce. The Gates divorce has all three components, and here is how things got messy in the “mutual divorce”

In a recent Vanity Fair interview, Microsoft employees have revealed how strenuous working under Bill Gates can get and how displeasing he can be as a boss.

The sudden interest from the media on the Gates whereabouts had encouraged several employees and ex-employees to bring to light the ill-treatment endured at work.

The employees expressed how exhausting and restless Bill can get and how the equally unpleasant attorneys hid all his inappropriate behavior behind a single non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signed by the employees before their appointment in the prestigious company.

An insider revealed the juicy details about Bill’s unrecorded offshore meetings, driving in and out of office in various cars to meet other women, and how his ex-marital affairs were not a secret within his close circle of friends and employees.

Rumour also had it that Melinda had hired a P.I. before filing a divorce. Though Bill Gates’ spokesperson had disregarded all these allegations as absurd media claims, the silence from Melinda’s side speaks volumes.

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