A Quiet Place Tops the Box Office Charts!

Movie theatres are not running in a full capacity but it didn’t stop movies like A Quiet Place to break the box office charts. A quiet place in part II has taken over the Warner Bros. Two horror films, “The Conjuring and A Quiet Place Part II” battled at the weekend box office.

Paul Dergarbedian, the senior media analyst, says, “You normally don’t see two horror movies at the top of the chart. But it was a solid weekend for both movies.” A Quiet Place Part II collected $185m worldwide whereas Conjuring 3 and Cruella crossed $100m at the international box office in the pandemic situation. The Paramount Pictures “ A Quiet Place Part II” is the first film to crash $100 million at the box office during the pandemic times.

A Quent Place Part II was directed by Krasinki and starring Emily Blunt. The film debuted during Memorial Day and within five days of its release, it reached $58 million. David A.Gross, who runs a Franchise Entertainment film research says that “This is an outstanding opening,” he also adds that “the film could have debuted to $60 million if all U.S theaters had reopened, still this movie is going to make a lot of money and bring enormous value to streaming.” It is said that there is a chance for A Quiet Place Place II to conquer the international scene in the coming weekends.

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