Celebrities Who Openly Promoted Marijuana!

Here are top celebrities who aren’t afraid to advocate marijuana for recreational and medical use.

Celebrities Who Openly Promote Marijuana!
Celebrities Who Openly Promote Marijuana!

Highly influential celebrities are in favor of the legalization of marijuana. The marijuana industry is counting on prominent celebrities to be its brand ambassadors. Here are top celebrities who aren’t afraid to advocate marijuana for recreational and medical use.

Steve Jobs

He admitted to eating marijuana and pot brownies in the 70s. The techno-wiz and a business leader credits recreational drugs for his boundless creativity and enthusiasm.

Lady Gaga

She claims that pot helps her get rid of emotional and physical distress.

Snoop Dogg

He enjoys smoking weed and many have tried to defeat him in the challenge of ‘getting high’ however, Willie Nelson managed to out beat him. Snoop even has plans to enter the cannabis business by opening a shop in Chicago selling marijuana products.

Seth Rogen

Famous for his hilarious roles, he openly admitted that his smoking habits have cost him a role in Steven Spielberg’s movie. He said that ‘marijuana helps him with the creative process, and makes the daily grind a lot more manageable.

George Clooney

He was no stranger to weed and some local pot shop owners in Amsterdam reported that he visited their shop a couple of times when he filmed Ocean Eleven.

Robert Downey Jr

The Iron Man has confessed in an interview that he started smoking pot when he was eight. He has struggled with addiction and has even been convicted on numerous charges.

Matt Damon

His parents introduced him to weed. The first time he smoked weed was with his mother and stepfather.

Cameron Diaz

He has spoken in favor of cannabis and marijuana many times.

Danny Devito

The hilarious celebrity has openly admitted to lighting up weed with his wife. He actively supports the legalization of cannabis.

Montel Williams

He has been a medical marijuana patient since 1999. He believes that marijuana allows him to live a productive life.

Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Kevin Smith, Barack Obama are few other celebrities who had given their vocal support to legalize and normalize cannabis.

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