Celebrities who we feel should run for President!

Running a country takes a lot. And if anyone is suitable for it, why not someone who’s celebrated by people

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a self-made Hero- He grew up with his mom and his dad cleaned hotels to pay for their apartment. They struggled a lot and got evicted at one point. After that Johnson worked hard but didn’t make much money but people loved his passion and success in wrestling. Now he is a multi-million dollar brand.

Tom Hanks

Run Forrest! Run! (for President)

Probably the most likable man in Hollywood, we’ve dreamt long for Tom Hanks to run for President. There are still rumors abuzz that the Oscar winner might run for the 2020 elections. However, in an interview, Hanks revealed that he doesn’t believe he has the necessary experience required to run for President of the USA.

“Just because I’m an actor, I can give a good speech, I agree with that,” he said. “But the concept of actually voting for someone just because they can do that? Then Monty Hall could have been president of the United States! I get what he’s saying, I understand, but I don’t buy my participation.”



Well, him saying this only makes us want him more to run for President.

Morgan Freeman

If he becomes the President, we would have the best-sounding President ever. I mean, he’s the voice of God. The way he narrates everything is just pleasing to listen to. He’ll tell you all about science and the government and you’ll be like, “Hell yeah”. All that he’s into makes one wonder what’s stopping him from running for President. He has been in the Airforce, actively engages in charity, and played the President, twice.

Running for President or not, he’s definitely my President.

Oprah Winfrey

How much would we love her to be the first woman President of the United States?

Well VERY MUCH! Especially after her rousing speech at the Golden Globes awards ceremony, in which she said: “a new day is on the horizon.”

Following the speech, speculation rose that Winfrey would put up stiff competition to Trump in the 2020 election. However, in a public statement, she revealed that running for President would “kill her”.

“In that political structure — all the non-truths, the bulls—, the crap, the nastiness, the backhanded backroom stuff that goes on — I feel like I could not exist,” Winfrey, 64, told a publication. “I would not be able to do it. It’s not a clean business. It would kill me.”

Hope she changes her mind on that.

Ellen Degeneres

A sense of humor is what America needs and none other than Ellen herself would fit the bill to lift America from its gloomy phase.

She’s open-minded, stands for the best values, has great ideas, loves to laugh and make other people laugh. Best of all, it’s her ‘don’t give a crap’ attitude that makes her stand out from the rest.

Also, she could pull up some cool dance moves 😉



Jon Stewart

If it’s time for a left-leaning super celebrity with a dose of cheesiness to stand and win, it should be Jon Stewart. He might not have experience holding office, he is an entertainer, not a politician, and he’s funny—too funny to be president. But times have changed dramatically.

Jon Stewart is the reason why political Satire is a big hit in the US. He was the reason why teens got interested in politics and at his peak, was one of the very few hosts who could convey the most serious news in a gullible, understandable way. He has the charisma to make people of all age groups listen.

Imagine in 2020 Jon Stewart next to Donald Trump, calling him out on every flub, every ill-informed word, with the magnetism of an accomplished entertainer.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful watch?




Chuck Norris

Imagine Chuck roundhouse kick Trump in the face.



Pause now, close your eyes and let that visual delight sink in.

I bet thousand bucks, Chuck is the most patriotic person on this list. When I vote for a President, I want to choose someone who is patriotic and would do anything for their country. There is no other man America loves more than him.



From beating the sun in a staring contest to strangling Russian KGB agents with a cordless phone, Chuck exhibits all the traits of a valiant savior. He’s the real deal.

Snoop Dogg

We know one thing Snoop could pull off better than anyone if he becomes the President–

“Legalize Marijuana”



There’s an active petition on change.org to make Snoop Dogg the President of the United States. The entire country would be ‘high’ on thoughts and policies if Snoop ends up being the  President.

Though this might not happen in the near future, it’s an idea we’d like to play around with. I mean, come on, if a douche like Donald Trump could make it to the White House, anybody can.




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