Top 3 Heroines in Jason Statham Movies

Top 3 Heroines In Jason Statham Movies
Top 3 Heroines In Jason Statham Movies

Do you like to watch action movies? Are you a die-hard fan of thriller films? What if both genres are put together and it is a potpourri? We can hear you shouting a big “YES!” 

There are too many heroes who have played the parts of gritty, rough-and-tough characters in several Hollywood movies. Among them, Jason Statham stands tall. This actor, who normally sports a bald look, is also a producer and a martial artist. He has starred with a number of heroines in various movies. Here are the top 3 heroines who have romanced this actor on-screen.


  1. Shu Qi – In “The Transporter”

Shu Qi is the stage name of actress, Lin Li-hui. In China, Shu Qi used to be one of the highest-paid actresses. She has also maintained a slot for herself on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list over the years. “The Transporter” was actually the first installment in the “Transporter” franchise. Shu Qi made her entry into the American market via this movie. 


  1. Li Bingbing – In “The Meg”

Li Bingbing gives justice to her role as a marine biologist in the movie, “The Meg.” She co-stars with Jason Statham, and both of them put up a hard fight against the giant shark that escapes from its trench. The movie was a hit. Statham dons his diving gear and shows his usual panache for action.


  1. Jennifer Lopez – In “Parker”

Many would think that a Statham-Lopez partnership might not work. Still, these two play the lead roles in “Parker” and also deserve a lot of credit. There is really no need here to list the accomplishments of the glamorous heroine of this film (and so many other films). Lopez plays a real estate agent in this movie.

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