With Son of a Gun premiering, Bowen talks about her boyfriend cheating

Her ex-boyfriend was seen with another woman during her concert

With Son Of A Gun Premiering, Bowen Talks About Her Boyfriend Cheating

Becca Bowen talks about the time when her boyfriend was cheating on her with another woman, at the very own concert she was performing at. The singer’s track, “Son of a Gun,” is to be premiered.

She mentions the time when she had a conversation with her ex-boyfriend, to throw a disclaimer to not get upset over the work that is to be released. As it might have context with their relationship, “I called him when I knew the song was going to come out, and I basically asked him not to be mad at me” 

The song was just an expression of emotions as she says, “I had no plans to record this song, it was just one of those songs that came out of pure emotion.”

She talks about the common grounds that she had in her past relationship and her views, “We both are country people. We hunt and fish and all that. We had a ton of things in common, but we just couldn’t commit to each other. I was always the one that wanted more out of it instead of just being friends with benefits, you know what I mean?”

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