The emotional speech of Ke Huy Quan after his award

He becomes the first Asian to win in the category

The Emotional Speech Of Ke Huy Quan After His Award

Ke Huy Quan who won the best performer in the supporting role delivered an emotional speech. He starts by saying “This is a really emotional moment for me.” He also specifies being the first Asian to win in the category to win, “recently I was told that if I was to win tonight, I would become the very first Asian actor to win in this category. When I heard this I quickly realized that this moment no longer belongs to just me, it also belongs to everyone who has asked for change,” as the reason for this, is “because there were so few opportunities.”

He mentions the others who got the attention for the day, and “And now tonight here we are, celebrating James Hong, Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Hong Chau and Harry Shum Jr. The landscape looks so different now than before. So thank you so much to all of you in this room and everyone who contributed to these changes.”

He also sprinkles some inspiration to those aspiring for victory and success, to all those at home that are watching, that are struggling and waiting to be seen, please keep on going because the spotlight will one day find you.”

He ends his speech accounting to those who believed in him, saying, “thank you for everyone rooting for me, I will be rooting for you.”

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