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Times When Sitcom’s had Heartbreaking Moments!


In the popular series, there was a time when Monica and Chandler were revealed that they can’t have a baby naturally.

Good Place

In the famous drama, an emotional moment occurred when Chidi has to exit from a Good Place once for all and bid goodbye to Eleanor.

One Day at a Time

In the series when Elena and Syd were verbally abused.


In Black-ish when the family of Johnsons sees a Black Lives Matter rally on television and speaks about racial partiality.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine there happens a situation when Rosa tells her parents about her bisexuality and they stay away from her without talking.

Further, when Amy speaks to Jake on the sexual abuse she encounters at her earlier place.

Big Bang Theory

The moment when Howard comes to know that his mom passes away while sleeping.


In Scrubs Dr. Cox finds that three of his patients along with his friend has infected organs and are about to die.


In Superstore, there is a shocking moment when ICE gets raided by Cloud 9 and takes Mateo under custody.

Never Have I Ever

When Devi misses the event of immersing her dad’s ashes and says she would better have her mom died.

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