Tired of being Friend-zoned? Here’s your Datingwiki!

“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” and it’s inevitably true

They say “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” and it’s inevitably true. This makes the entire Dating, a tricky game. Almost everyone must’ve had a tough time trying to understand the opposite gender. Especially, it is a nightmare for men to understand whether their women will take them in or push them into the friend zone.

But worries are no more. Here’s an interesting study by students of the University of Alberta revealing the hints to get over the hurdles.

According to this research, men and woman can identify whether their partner is attracted to them or not. It suggests the below list of hints showing the sexual attraction and motivation from the loved one,

Mimicking Behavior: They tend to mimic and imitate the funny behavior of yours not with an intention to offend you.

Initiating Conversation: They’d often love to initiate a conversation irrespective of any relevance.

Physical Proximity: This is a peculiar hint for being sexually attracted. They cannot resist being within your physical proximity.

Engagement: They tend to have a good eye contact with you and will ensure to acknowledge with nodding, smiling and laughing.

That’s all folks! Let your hunt for love begin here.

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