The Love Story of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

How James Bond fell in love in real life

The Love Story Of Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz
The Love Story Of Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz

Daniel and Rachel’s love story is indeed a cute one. Even though they acted in movies together, they initially did not give much thought to getting together in real life.

James Bond falls for Rachel 

You probably know that Daniel Craig has starred as James Bond in many movies in the famous 007 series. 

Although Daniel and Rachel had known each other for a long time, they were pretty professional and not so close. When they met in Les Grandes Horizontales at the National Theatre Studio in London, Rachel and Daniel were in their respective relationships. In 2011, the duo united again for the psychological thriller, Dream House. Slowly, they fell in love but kept it under wraps until they were all set to reveal it to the public. 

They Tied the Knot Secretly 

The couple started making public appearances often, which sparked rumors. Even when they started dating, Rachel was not exactly thinking of marrying Daniel. However, they got married right after six months of dating history. On 22nd June 2011, Daniel tied the knot with Rachel in secret in New York City. Other than the couple, only four other people attended the wedding!

Why So Private?

Being a celeb couple, it’s hard for Rachel and Daniel to hide their personal lives from the spotlight. However, Rachel assured in interviews that she is enjoying living with Daniel and would like to keep certain things private.

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