Miley Cyrus Didn’t Thank Her Dad Billy Ray

She took home her GRAMMYS, but left out her dad from the list of people she thanked!

Miley Cyrus Didn’t Thank Her Dad Billy Ray
Miley Cyrus Didn’t Thank Her Dad Billy Ray

Miley Cyrus has done it! She has won the “2024 GRAMMY Record of the Year” Award for her song, “Flowers.” The song is from her studio album, “Endless Summer Vacation.” The song became a massive hit that broke numerous records. Cyrus included lots of people in her acceptance speech, but it seems that she has left out an important person from the list. Let’s take a look at her speech and the person she hasn’t thanked.

Miley Cyrus Didn’t Thank Billy Ray…

There was a huge applause when Miley Cyrus took the stage to receive her award. She had a list of people to thank, all of whom made the award possible for her. 

The “Hannah Montana” girl was happy and stated that the award was “amazing.” She beat other talented singers, who were nominated for the GRAMMY. In her acceptance speech on the stage, Miley Cyrus thanked a list of people but failed to mention her dad, the famous Billy Ray Cyrus. He’s a popular country singer. He’s also an actor and songwriter.

People, including Miley Cyrus’s friends and family, have noted that she kept her dad out of the list of people for whom she was grateful. 

Did Miley Cyrus Thank Billy Ray after the Awards?

It is to be noted that Miley also won the award for “Best Pop Solo Performance!” A day after the GRAMMY Awards ceremony, Miley posted on Instagram the names of a few other people, whom she had missed out from her acceptance speech earlier. However, she made no mention of her father, Billy Ray, again.

Even though Miley omitted her father’s name during the award ceremony, and it raised many eyebrows, everyone’s focus was on the success of “Flowers.” 

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