The 5 Best Tim Burton Movies

The 5 Best Tim Burton Movies
The 5 Best Tim Burton Movies

Tim Burton is a unique and enigmatic filmmaker in Hollywood. He is best known for his eccentric characters and spooky themes. Be it Animated movies or classic literature novels, his style, and filmography are ultimately outstanding among the other filmmakers. Here are the five best movies by Tim Burton.


Edward Scissorhands

 The ultimate collaboration between Tim and Johny Depp began with this movie. This story revolves around a man-made man (Depp), who lives alone in a faraway castle, isolated from the outside world, and has scissors instead hands. Edward’s life takes a turn when a kind lady discovers and welcomes him into her home. Edward Scissorhands highlights the dangers of trying to fit in.



Since its release this movie’s characters become a classic theme for Halloween parties. It narrates the story of a couple of ghosts seeking Beetlejuice’s help to scare the new inhabitants of haunted grounds.


Alice in Wonderland

Among all his movies, Alice in Wonderland remains a masterpiece. Be the characters, visual effects, or script, he brought the imaginary characters to life.


Sweeney Todd 

This movie is set in Victorian London. Being accused of a false crime, barber Sweeney Todd returns home in order to seek revenge. It is ultimately a well-written and disturbing movie.


Batman Returns

Micheal Keaton played Batman while Jack Nicholson rocked as Joker. This movie won the Academy Award for Best Art Direction.

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