The Try Guys’ cheating scandal

Ned Fulmer was caught cheating and is now removed from the company

The Try Guys’ Cheating Scandal

An online entertainment group called “Try Guys” is a primarily four-faced crew of Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang. The recent cheating scandal of the “wife guy,” Ned Fulmer, has got a lot of attention and has even created waves of shock, as he always speaks about his wife in pretty much every episode he appears. 

A few new episodes of the Try guys’ videos did not have Ned Fulmer, despite a picture posted with him during the shoot. Ned’s wife Ariel also did not appear for the podcast episode she usually does. These incidents stirred questions among the audience. 

When a screenshot claiming that someone had seen Ned intimately associated with another woman in New York City at a Club was made public, the pieces began to fall into place. The screenshot had pictures of Ned with an employee of the Try Guy’s company, Alexandria Herring. Ned accepted having an affair with one of their staff for a while after being confronted about the incident.

After coming to terms with the affair, the Try Guys decided to fire one of the primary members of the company, Ned. The Try Guys’ made a statement from their end, 

“Ned Fulmer is no longer working for The Try Guys. As a result of an internal review, we do not see a path forward together.”

Ned made an apology statement online about his affair,

“Family should have always been my priority, but I lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship. I’m sorry for any pain that my actions may have caused the guys and the fans but most of all to Ariel. The only thing that matters right now is my marriage and my children, and that’s where I am going to focus my attention.”

Legal actions are taking place, and the remaining three members signed a consent form to remove Ned from the company. They are also attempting to edit Ned’s clips in videos shot.

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