Shakira Threw a Secret Birthday Party for Her Second Son Sasha

Shakira’s son, Sasha, celebrated his ninth birthday with extreme safety measures

Shakira Threw A Secret Birthday Party For Her Second Son Sasha
Shakira Threw A Secret Birthday Party For Her Second Son Sasha

The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer celebrated her younger son’s birthday in her luxurious mansion in Miami. Sasha, the second child of Shakira and Piqué, was born at Teknon Hospital in Barcelona, Spain, on January 29th, 2015.

Though Shakira and Piqué faced many challenges during and after their divorce, the couple decided to co-parent as they moved forward. Sasha and Milan now live with their mom, Shakira, after their family issues. Since Sasha was turning 9, Shakira threw a secret birthday bash for him with extreme safety measures. Based on recent events, we can see that the singer is highly concerned about the safety of her children.

Instead of more celebs, the birthday was rather filled with bodyguards and police. The attendees were not allowed to bring any kind of gadgets to make sure that nobody spilled a bean about the party. Plus, the singer invited only a limited number of children to attend her son’s birthday party. The party details were completely curtained off social media, and neither Shakira nor Pique updated any details about Sasha’s birthday. 

Why Was It an Intimate Birthday Party?

Back then Shakira was stalked by a stranger, Daniel John Valtier, who used to send inappropriate messages, publicly claiming that he and Shakira were married and had kids together. He somehow managed to identify her address and sent gifts to her children. In order to protect her children, Shakira filed a complaint against this person and requested 24-hour surveillance. This is the reason why Shakira held an intimate birthday party for her son, and invited only a few friends.

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