Serena Williams Shows off Her Curves Valentino Skirt

Here’s what Williams has to say about her Valentino skirt!

Serena Williams Shows Off Her Curves Valentino Skirt
Serena Williams Shows Off Her Curves Valentino Skirt

Serena Williams is now the mother of two! The tennis star gave birth to her second baby in August 2023. Like all moms, Williams has also been facing challenges with post-partum weight gain. Let’s look at one of those challenges!

Serena Williams and Her Valentino Skirt

During her second pregnancy, Williams purchased a stylish Valentino denim skirt. She says that, so far, she has not been able to fit into it! Unlike lots of celebrities who turn to dietary supplements and surgeries, Williams is depending on exercise to lose those extra pounds. Friends and fans feel happy about her mode of weight loss.

Williams thinks that she is behind in her weight loss goals by a month, but she hopes to get ready to fit into her Valentino denim skirt pretty soon!

Series on the Valentino Skirt

The Olympic winner has also started a series on her Valentino denim skirt, and has captioned it, “The Diary of a Denim skirt (part 1) #valentino.”

“I feel like if I go to the gym and get fit, I’ll be able to fit in again,“ Williams has stated confidently. Friends and family members have hyped Williams up, and everyone is letting her know that she is blessed with curves!

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