Chris Hemsworth’s “EXHAUSTING” workout to turn into the God of Thunder for “Love and Thunder.”

Chris Hemsworth claims his workout for the film was “particularly hard.”

Chris Hemsworth’s “exhausting” Workout To Turn Into The God Of Thunder For “love And Thunder.”

“The Thor,” Chris Hemsworth describes his workout to gain the muscles as “just exhausting” and says, “Maybe I’m getting old, but things just started to hurt more.” In Marvel’s behind-the-scenes “Assembled,” Chris says that every time he gains muscles and works outs to become The God of Thunder and then loses them to play some other role, it has become his muscle memory. He even mentions how the process was “easier each time.”

The film “Thor: Love and Thunder” was quite hard compared to the other sequels, as the “target weight” the crew aimed for was higher than the weights had ever been.

Chris says that the lockdown and the boredom led to a lot of time to spare for his physical training, as it was the time when all of us were confined and stuck. On the other hand, Thor built himself like never before. He spent about 12 months at home, working his muscles and rotating his routines with swimming and martial arts.

Chris claims that it was an exploration and that he is not sure if he would want to get back to the size he was for the sequels yet to come.

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