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Remarkable Mark Wahlberg Movies

Remarkable Mark Wahlberg Movies
Remarkable Mark Wahlberg Movies

Mark Wahlberg is one of the phenomenal actors in Hollywood. This American actor has consistently surpassed expectations using his acting skills. He has played memorable roles in several movies spanning the action, comedy, drama, and thriller genres. Let’s take a look at some of the remarkable movies in which Mark Wahlberg has played a prominent role.


  1. Fear – 1996

It’s a psychological thriller movie directed by James Foley. The film is all about a happy, wealthy family that starts falling apart when the teenage daughter (played by Reese Witherspoon) begins dating a mysterious person, and this character is portrayed by Wahlberg. 


  1. Three Kings – 1999

This is a comedy war movie that revolves around four soldiers who are in search of gold. George Clooney has also acted in the film. “Three Kings” won critical acclaim. It was also a box office hit that grossed $107 million!


  1. The Yards – 2000

This one is a crime movie directed by James Gray. Joaquin Phoenix and Charlize Theron have co-starred with Wahlberg in this film. The story is about the contractors who do the work of repairing railway cars for the TA (the city’s Transit Authority).


  1. Shooter – 2007

Bob Lee Swagger, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg, gets framed (for murder) by one of the mercenary units. The movie is all about what follows the framing. Years later, Swagger is found living in the mountains with his pet dog. Wahlberg plays the role of Bob Lee Swagger vividly. 


  1. Uncharted – 2022

The movie combines action and adventure. In addition to Wahlberg, the film stars Tom Holland, Antonio Banderas, and many others. The original date of release of the movie was postponed owing to the pandemic. Finally, it was released in February 2022. Wahlberg plays the role of Victor Sullivan. 


There are several other movies where Mark Wahlberg has proved that he is an astounding actor. We have just hand-picked a few of the best ones here and compiled a list for you. Hope you had an exciting read!

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