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Best Realistic Movies About Space

Best Realistic Movies About Space
Best Realistic Movies About Space

There are a lot of great movies about space but it’s hard to find the best between them. Each space movie drives you to an imaginative world with various discoveries. Keep reading to know the best space movies ever. 


Apollo 13

This film visualizes the tragic Apollo 13 lunar mission in 1970. The storyline follows a scheduled moon landing mission called off by the astronauts after the oxygen tank explosion. It portrays the numeric problems encountered by the crew and their safe return to earth. Apollo 13 received an Oscar award for Best Film Editing and Best Sound. 



The movie covers the story of two astronauts making their way safely once their space shuttle is destroyed. It is notable for the overall space’s physical principles and realism. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin said that the visual effects of movies as remarkable. 


The Martian 

It portrays the story of a lone astronaut trapped on planet Mars waiting for his rescue. Mark Watney was hit by debris and assumed to be dead by the crew call off their mission to Mars. He finds himself alone in the battle for survival after waking up. A strong level of realism defines in some plots such as Watney producing water, growing potatoes, and more. 



The film tells the story of an astronaut’s group near Saturn to discover a new planet for humanity to colonize. A theoretical physicist was hired for this movie by Christopher Nolan to act as a scientific consultant. Interstellar visually portrays the wormholes and blackholes clearly to viewers.

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