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Best TV Shows and Movies Based on the Royal Family

Best Tv Shows And Movies Based On The Royal Family
Best Tv Shows And Movies Based On The Royal Family

From King Alfred to Queen Elizabeth II the history of British royals has occupied much of enthralling figures. The Royals dominated not just the nations but even Hollywood. Everyone is curious to know about Royal’s backroom dealings. The royal’s life is filled with countless incidents, just like any other person. Here are some of the movies and tv shows depicting intriguing scenarios.


The White Queen

It is based on Philipa Gregory’s historical novel series, The Cousin’s War, based on true historical incidents. The White Queen series narrates the romance between King Edward IV and the widow Elizabeth Woodville later known as the White Queen. The story illustrates the events that took place before Tudor Dynasty. It showcases  Love, Lust, witchcraft, conspiracy, and murder, and also the show highlights the impact of the three women in history –  Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville. 


Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots portrays the two powerful Women of England’s history. The movie explores the Charismatic Queen of France Mary Stuart(Saoirse Ronan) who became Queen at 16, widowed at 18, and refused to remarry. Rather she returned to Scotland to claim the throne. However, Scotland and England both fell under Elizabeth’s(Margot Robbie) rule. Apart from claiming and grasping the throne, the two sisters must play a game of marriage versus independence


The Tudors

The Tudor dynasty holds a special place in the history of England. This historical drama features the fascinating yet, thrilling reign of the famous King Henry VIII. From the beginning itself, Henry seems to be disappointed in his wife as had been looking for an heir to the throne. No sooner than Henry encountered Anne Boleyn he got obsessed with her. He ditched his first wife Catherine of Aragon for Anne. However, Henry ended up marrying a few more women thereafter. Jonathan Rys Meyers did justice to the role of King Henry VIII. The series just packed with characters who exhibit murder, mystery, treachery, intrigue, and obsession.



Elizabeth I, the strongest and unbeatable woman who ascends her throne amid divided and dangerous England.  As she was considered weak, eventually encounters many threats within and abroad country. Besides the pressurizing politics and threats, she confronts many challenges emotionally. The powerful role of Elizabeth I was portrayed by Cate Blanchett, along with Geoffrey Rush and Christopher Eccleston. The Shekhar Kapur movie was nominated for Academy as well as Golden Globe Awards.


The Crown

The Crown Series is based on the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II. It portrays the events that occurred during her lifetime. Majorly it focuses on the various phases of Queen Elizabeth. Besides being a Queen, she was a mother of four children. But mostly she spends more time in political rivalries instead with her children. The astonishing Queen is still being celebrated for her willpower and competence.

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