NYCC goers moved to tears, witnessing Michael J.Fox and Christopher Lloyd on stage!

The Back to the Future duo shared a candid moment together that sent fans crying!

Nycc Goers Moved To Tears, Witnessing Michael J.fox And Christopher Lloyd On Stage!

Fans and non-fans of the Back to the Future trilogy were moved to tears when the movie’s stars – Michael J.Fox, 61, and Christopher Lloyd, 83, met on stage at this year’s New York Comic Con (NYCC). 

The iconic sci-fi duo embraced a hug on stage which sent the on-lookers into ‘aww’ mode! It was a bittersweet moment since Fox’s health decline due to Parkison’s disease was evident. 

A video of the incident went viral on Twitter and had the same reaction from users. Fox and Lloyd appeared at the 2022 NYCC to recollect memories of filming together.

Fox and Lloyd played the roles of Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown in the blockbuster Back to the Future films since 1985. The film was a huge hit and skyrocketed Fox as the coolest teenager in cinema history. However, this was short-lived since, in 1991, Michael J.Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the tender age of 26. The Canadian-American actor suffers from mobility issues.

At the event, Fox briefly talked about his health status and the Michael J Fox Foundation, the largest Parkinson’s disease foundation. He lauded Lloyd saying, “People like Chris have meant so much to me, and so many of you have, too.”

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