iPhone 14 Calls 911 Mistaking Roller Coaster Rides for Car Crashes

iPhone 14’s new feature mistakes thrill rides as car accidents and calls police

Iphone 14 Calls 911 Mistaking Roller Coaster Rides For Car Crashes

Law enforcements are getting a headache from iPhone 14’s new feature.

iPhone 14’s Crash Detection Feature, a new option that was supposed to detect and alert the police on a car accident, has been calling 911 during roller coaster rides.

Law enforcements are getting calls from these phones, alerting, “The owner of this iPhone was in a severe car crash…” Except that the user was just enjoying their ride on a roller coaster. 

Makers of iPhone 14 included an axis gyroscope and high G-force accelerometer sensors to identify front, side, rear-end, and rollover types of car crashes. 

The smartphone is modeled to immediately connect to law enforcement at the time of a car crash. It would then send a voice message indicating the accident if the user does not respond to the SOS message in 20 seconds.

Emergency officials received over six crash-detection calls since mid-September—when iPhone 14 was launched—from Cincinnati’s Kings Island amusement park. Apparently, the device misinterpreted roller coaster rides’ twists and turns as car accidents. 

Though iPhone 14’s unique feature proved to be vital in actual car crashes, the accidental calls tend to question its ability.

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