Mackenzie Bezos pledges $18 Billion from her settlement to charity!

The costliest divorce in the history of humanity is benefiting humanity itself. Mackenzie Bezos became one of the world’s richest women after a divorce from the world’s richest man and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The divorce fetched her $36 Billion skyrocketing her to a Billionaire status overnight.

MacKenzie Bezos, unlike her ex-husband who seldom donates for charity, has plans to be more generous. A writer by profession, Mackenzie bluntly wrote a letter stating she had a “disproportionately large sum of money” that she wanted to give away for philanthropic efforts. She announced her decision to donate half of her settlement to the Giving Pledge foundation that was founded by Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet in 2010. The Giving Pledge foundation urges philanthropists to give away half of their fortune to charitable causes around the world.

Jeff Bezos took on to Twitter, to congratulate his ex-wife, praising her decision. He stated that he was proud of her and that her letter pledging her decision to donate to the foundation was “beautiful”.(remove quotes) It is interesting to note that Jeff Bezos, despite remaining the richest person even after the divorce, has not signed on to the Giving Pledge yet.

Jeff and McKenzie Bezos were married for 25 years. They have three sons and a daughter adopted from China.

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