Joe Biden fights back Trump!

Democratic White House runner Joe Biden’s campaign has launched a stern comeback to Trump’s remark while the President was in Japan.

Donald Trump, over this weekend, backed Kim Jong Un when North Korea officially called out Biden as a “low IQ individual”. Trump confirmed standing by Kim on Twitter and in a press conference held in Tokyo.

The Biden campaign responded that the president’s comments were undignified and condemned defaming a fellow American on Foreign soil.

Mr. Biden ever since he launched his Presidential bid seems likely to face Mr. Trump in Election 2020.

Trump, shamelessly acknowledged Kim Jong Un and quoted the North Korean leader’s description of Joe Biden on a Memorial Day Weekend. He went to the point of even defending his comment via Twitter saying that it is a less offensive description of Biden.

So far stats show that Biden is the front-runner to make it in the list of Presidential candidates to pose a threat to Trump’s re-election. In a poll, 49% of Americans said they had a positive view of the former vice-president, with only 39% having a negative opinion of him. Trump and Sanders are far behind those numbers.

The fight between Trump and Biden is good for both of them, and at the moment benefits both of them, creating the much-needed hype surrounding the 2020 Elections.

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