Why is Trump being so super-nice to North Korea?

Trump’s increasingly being nice to North Korea and the US allies are not so happy about it.



We get it– The 2020 elections are spinning out a series of erratic moves by the President. From launching a trade war against China to butting his nose in Iran, Trump is heavily counting on one-off political stunts to prove that he could bring about world peace.

In his defense, Trump is highly reliant on denuclearization efforts by North Korea to have something to brag in a bid to sweep 2020 elections. Hell, he’s not even been listening to his own national security adviser, John Bolton.

What about John Bolton?

So Bolton, for the sake of America, condemned the recent tests of several short-range ballistic missiles by North Korea and deemed as “a regrettable act”, backing Japan’s interests.

Fast-forward to this Monday, Enter Trump.

Apart from the bells and whistles surrounding his visit to the Japanese emperor, he coolly stated that he was not “personally” bothered by the missile tests and was “very happy with the way it’s going.” He claimed it to be aligned with his efforts to engage North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In what can be termed as a screw-up of sorts, Trump claims that it’s his secret killer move to woo Kim Jong Un into disarming nuclear arsenal of North Korea.


We are talking about North Korea here Mr. President. Not another one of your sex scandals. On one side, Trump’ painted a fake portrait claiming that he saved the US from the brink of all-out nuclear war and on the other side he hangs out, pleasing North Korea promising that he’s got the situation under control.



Another instance of North Korean favoritism was observed when Trump praised the North Korean leader for launching a staunch criticism of Presidential candidate Joe Biden. The North Korean media called Biden “A low IQ idiot”, to which Trump swooned and backed Kim big time. We get he’s your political opponent, and you’d go to any extent to defame him, but being an American, laughing at a ruthless dictator’s joke made at the expense of another fellow American is something that is just not acceptable.

So in short, Trump backed Kim Jong Un against his national security adviser, Joe Biden and the entire country of Japan, which also happens to be a strategic ally of the US.

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