Kristina Hirsch and her 2018 youtube video on Warren Beatty

Check out what Hirsch has said about Warren Beatty in her 2018 Youtube video

Kristina Hirsch And Her 2018 Youtube Video On Warren Beatty

Kristina Charlotte Hirsch, who recently filed a lawsuit against Henry Warren Beatty, the Oscar-winning actor, for “predatory grooming,” provides more information about the alleged rape.

In a 2018 YouTube video uploaded by Kristina Hirsch, in which she claims that she met Warren Beatty for the first time on the set of his movie “The Parallax View.” Kristina Hirsch claimed that Beatty had raped her when she was just 14 years old.

She goes on to add that she initially believed that they were both dating “from the spring of 1973 until January 1974.”

“Our time is God’s time, and our patience is a virtue. By the grace of God, we ask all predators, pedophiles, hebephiles and all of those who are not well please to repent and seek counsel,” said Hirsch in the youtube video. 

Hirsch in the selfie video introduces herself as Pastor Tina St. Claire who works as an ordained minister in the Unitarian Church. 

She allegedly claims that she has suffered emotional harm for the past 44 years as a result of being compelled to engage in various forms of intercourse, including oral sex and sodomising by the actor.

Hirsch in her lawsuit had claimed that Beatty paid her “undue attention” and described Beatty as  “oppressive, malicious and despicable in that it was intentional and done in conscious disregard for rights and safety.”

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