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Warren Beatty is Accused of “Predatory Grooming”

Kristina Charlotte Hirsch filed a lawsuit against the famous actor and film producer Warren Beatty

Warren Beatty Is Accused Of “predatory Grooming”

The famous American actor and film producer Henry Warren Beatty is alleged of coerced a teenager into having sex with him. Kristina Charlotte Hirsch had filed a lawsuit against Warren accusing him of “predatory grooming”. 

Henry Beatty is now 85 years old, and the accuser revealed the incidents that took place five decades ago. Hirsch revealed that Warren paid her “undue attention,” always had something to say about her appearance, and gave her his contact number. 

Beatty revealed that warren had taken her on various car rides and had invited her to his then-live-in hotel. Beatty was only 14 and 15 and Warren was in his 30’s at that course of time. She claims that he used to talk to her “about losing her virginity,” and Hirsch acknowledged that she was “initially thrilled” by his interest and believed they were dating. 

Hirsch accuses Beatty as “oppressive, malicious, and despicable” and using his position to engage in oral sex, simulated sex, and compelled sexual activity with a juvenile.

Beatty’s attorneys have not yet spoken publicly about the situation.

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