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Netflix Delivers Long-Awaited News: Confirms The Sandman Season 2

The streaming giant finally says, “it’s a go” for Neil Gaiman’s DC Comics

Netflix Delivers Long Awaited News: Confirms The Sandman Season 2

Netflix finally confirmed the news fans waited for months; The Sandman is officially renewed for Season 2. It was unusual for Netflix to take this long, over three months, to confirm or cancel a project. But fans are just glad that the wait paid off. The streaming giant and Neil Gaiman haven’t revealed further news on production, release date, and additional casting, but there is a fair chance that production might start soon.  

The Sandman Season 2 would see the return of Tom Sturridge’s Morpheus, aka Dream of The Endless, and his siblings. Season one’s end saw Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie) preparing to take down Dream after her defeat in hell. Fans can also expect Jenna Coleman’s Johanna Constantine and Kyo Ra’sRose Walker to return.

What about the bonus episode?

Netflix released an hour-long bonus episode shortly after The Sandman Season One aired with two stories—A Dream of A Thousand Cats and Calliope—that are canon and happen within the main storyline. So if you haven’t watched it yet, do it now!

It is speculated that Season 2 of The Sandman will cover the comics’ Season of Mists arc, which is one of the most-praised editions from Gaiman. It is also where the real pain for Dream begins.

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