Kelsea Ballerini Reveals the Marital Issues She Had With Her Ex-husband, Morgan Evans

“We hadn’t seen each other, there was a lack of effort to see each other,” revealed Kelsea in the podcast.

Kelsea Ballerini Reveals The Marital Issues She Had With Her Ex Husband, Morgan Evans

In a “Call Her Daddy” podcast episode, Kelsea Ballerini discusses the traumatic moments with Morgan Evans that resulted in their divorce. They went through years of marriage therapy and separations, she admits in the show. She also mentioned how she had spent numerous nights sleeping on the couch. She also recalled a night when she dozed off on the couch before getting ready for a CMA concert the following morning. When the host of the show questioned her about why she was sleeping on the couch, she responded that there had been “disconnection” and “lack of effort” in their marriage.

“There were separations, there was years of couples therapy. There was like, many a night of sleeping on the couch. I don’t think it was the first night, but it was a night where I was like, this is not what I want. I slept on the couch the night before the CMAs and I remember I went to rehearsal at the arena and texting him and him being like, ‘I’ll just see you at the carpet.'” I slept on the couch and then the next night you put on your suit/I put on a smile and sang about how it’s okay to cry, dying inside. We hadn’t seen each other, there was a lack of effort to see each other,” said Kelsea in the podcast.

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