Kate Middleton prepares pancakes post-BAFTA awards

Kate Middleton preparing pancakes with residents with nursing home residents

Kate Middleton Prepares Pancakes Post Bafta Awards

Post BAFTA Awards, Kate Middleton visited Oxford House Nursing Home. The Princess of Wales stepped out to the kitchen. Princess Kate, 41, spoke with employees and residents and learned how the nursing home’s work is centered on providing patient-focused care.

The prince participated in a pancake-making exercise with locals to observe Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, also known as Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, or Pancake Day. As the pancake in Kate’s flying pan got stuck, she giggled and used a spatula to separate it and then give it a tiny flip.

According to a video posted on Twitter by Matt Wilkinson of The Sun, the Princess of Wales apologized to one of the employees assisting in the pancake preparation. I haven’t treated you fairly.  

“I either get pancakes stuck on the floor or on the ceiling, but the children are very well and we will be making our own pancakes this evening with the children,” She said previously according to the source. 

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