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Justin Bieber and Hailey on Cusp of Divorce?

Nope. Not at all. Recently, the tabloid, Star claimed that the couple was unable to work things out between them and were on the verge of divorce. We all heard from Hailey say that she is lucky to have Justin as her husband in February when she was interviewed by Vogue. But still why this gossip keeps popping up by tabloids. It turns out that it is another blent rumor that kept popping up for being a celebrity couple. This is not the first time the tabloid pulled a false rumor on Justin Bieber. In 2019, it claied that Hailey Baldwin was putting off the couple’s wedding because of trust issues. Obviously, it turned out to be a rumor that is far from the truth.

Here’s the couples cute photos posted on Instagram this Sunday by Justin Bieber. How could one can doubt how glued the duo at each other?


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Of course, he captioned with a Licking Lips emoji 😋

Justin Yells at Hailey in Public!

February 2020

In a shocking U-turn on the couple goals, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are not celebrated across the internet but gossiped about the health of their relationship lately when a video of Justin yelling at Hailey surfaced on the Internet.

As silly as it sounds, it was just a video clip of the duo playing an Arcade game where Hailey seems to have beaten him. While Hailey jumped in excitement and posted a video thinking of it as a cute moment, Justin yelled at her in response. This made millions of their fans smirk about the health of their relationship.

Some people even found Justin Bieber’s behavior abusive against the wife, Hailey, and pointed out the confession of Selena Gomez about JB being emotionally abusive to her.

“Honestly Low-key worried about her. That is not normally healthy behavior over losing an arcade game,” one person declared. “This makes me so uncomfortable. I am lowkey worried about her, he treats her like sh*t in public so who knows what he’s like behind closed doors. Actually, I’m not lowkey worried, I’m genuinely worried,” another person chimed in. Of course, some fans merely felt that Bieber was joking, but others felt that his tone, expression, and body language clearly stated otherwise. “This is NOT normal….he wasn’t even joking either by the facial expression at the end,” one person shared.

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