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Hailey celebrates her 26th birthday in Tokyo

Hailey and Justin share lovely pictures of them from their trip

Hailey celebrates her 26th birthday in Tokyo

Singer Justin Bieber and his supermodel wife Hailey Bieber landed in Tokyo, Japan, to celebrate the lady’s 26th birthday. The trip seems to be an official cum birthday trip, as Drew house, Justin’s clothing brand, managed a pop-up shop in the city of Tokyo. The star wished his wife, “HAPPY BIRFDAY (in Japan) TO MY FAVORITE HUMAN BEING XOXO YOU MAKE LIFE MAGIC,” he wrote. “OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. LOVE YOU BUM BUM.”

The birthday baby posted pictures captured in the city, captioning it as, “26 IN TOKYO so much love. 11.22.22.” The Rhode Skin owner also had her friend Kendall Jenner in the same city for her birthday, as the supermodel posted on her Instagram story, “loving you Tokyo,” at the same time. 

The couple celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary only a couple of months before and expressed their love by wishing, “Happy anniversary to my best friend and wifey (tagging Hailey)..thank you for making me better in every way,” from Justin’s part. Hailey posted, “4 years married to you. The most beautiful human I’ve ever known…love of my life. Thank God for you.”

The proud parents of a new puppy: Hailey and Justin Bieber!

Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber’s wife Welcome Piggy Lou, a New Puppy to the Family

The family of Hailey and Justin Bieber has expanded. The supermodel, 25, and her husband, a famous musician, 28, revealed on Instagram on Tuesday that they had adopted a female little dog named Piggy Lou Bieber.

On Monday, Bieber revealed the four-person family in a carousel on Instagram. He is shown in the first photo holding Piggy Lou and Oscar, two dogs that he and Baldwin Bieber adopted in 2018.

Hailey captioned in an Instagram picture, “This is Oscar’s new baby sister Piggy Lou Bieber.”

They already have a Maltese Yorkie named Oscar, whom they adopted in December 2018 shortly after getting married, so Piggy has an elder brother.

Later, she shares a tender moment with Piggy Lou while holding the dog close to her face in a picture with the simple text “Piggy Lou.”

Then Piggy displayed her modeling prowess by posing on a couch while sporting a collar made out of a floral and polka-dot bandana.

Justin B’s Mobile Screenshot Goes Viral! Here’s why!

The singer and heartthrob of millions again knocked the hearts of his crowd with his cute and lovely gesture today.

Justin B’s Mobile Screenshot Goes Viral! Here’s Why!

We call the fans of Justin Bieber Beliebers for a reason! They truly believe in him as a pop star as well as a person. The singer and heartthrob of millions again knocked the hearts of his crowd with his cute and lovely gesture today.

Justin Bieber never hesitated to publically express his love for his girl Hailey Baldwin Bieber. But, this must’ve had nothing to do with his intentions. He shared a screenshot of his mobile wallpaper on Instagram which had a music player playing Josh Levi’s newly released single ‘Vices’. One might assume it is just a courtesy but not the Beliebers. What caught the eyes and hearts of Beliebers was the screenshot featuring a wallpaper of the love of his life Hailey Baldwin Bieber.


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Soon the fans started praising Justin Bieber for his dedication and whole-hearted love (setting aside all the break-up and pregnancy rumors the couple had gone through recently). One fan wrote, “UR WALLPAPER IS HAILEY,” and Another wrote, “bro ur wallpaper I cry,” and then “THE LOCK SCREEN THOOOO,” one of his fans commented.

It’s never many a time a top celebrity gets the spotlight for being a perfect lover these days. So, what stops us to shower some love over the cutest couples. Congrats Hailey and Justin Bieber! Guess, you both have hit the right spot!

Justin Bieber Showers His Love For Hailey on Stage!

Dedicates His Single ‘Anyone’ from his album ‘Justice’ to his gorgeous wife

During his concert in Los Angeles last Monday, Justin Bieber dropped a love bomb for his wife Haley on stage. He dedicated his single ‘Anyone’ from his 2021 album ‘Justice’ to his wife before singing the song on stage. Thousands of fans and audiences crowded the concert and cheered for the lovely couple in Awe.

“This next song will be dedicated to my beautiful wife. She’s out there somewhere. She hates me when I put her on the spot. She’s probably over there blushing. She probably hates me right now, but I love her. I love you so much, baby. Let’s do the damn thing, ” he said

Hailey Baldwin Never Had Crush On Justin Bieber!

Mar 16, 2021

The love story of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber didn’t start with a love spark or crush, according to Hailey Baldwin. Last year, in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, the wife of Justin Bieber revealed to the world for the first time that she wasn’t a Belieber when she met 15-year-old Justin Bieber back then. In fact, she never had a crush on him during that time.


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Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show’ asked the guest Hailey Baldwin about the above picture posted by Justin on Instagram a day before their formal wedding ceremony.

Jimmy Fallon: “There’s a really cool, odd, the history between you and Justin that is almost unbelievable. It’s like it’s out of a movie, but it’s real life. You met him back in 2009 when you were 13-years-old…with your dad? What went down?”

Hailey Baldwin: “I know, it sounds like this weird arranged marriage situation,” the 23-year-old model joked. “We met because my dad, brought me to the Today show when Justin performed there. He was no more than 15 I think.”

Jimmy Fallon: “Are you a Belieber back then?”

Hailey Baldwin: “To be honest, this is the truth. He was so new that I didn’t really know a lot about him yet. It was really kinda before anything. I met him and his mom and my dad kind of just connected as friends and we invited them over to our house the next day. So he and his mom just came over for family dinner with me and my family and we went bowling.”

Justin Bieber and Hailey on Cusp of Divorce?

Jan 6, 2021

Nope. Not at all. Recently, the tabloid, Star claimed that the couple was unable to work things out between them and were on the verge of divorce. We all heard Hailey say that she is lucky to have Justin as her husband in February when she was interviewed by Vogue. But still why this gossip keeps popping up by tabloids. It turns out that it is another blent rumor that kept popping up for being a celebrity couple. This is not the first time the tabloid pulled a false rumor on Justin Bieber. In 2019, it claimed that Hailey Baldwin was putting off the couple’s wedding because of trust issues. Obviously, it turned out to be a rumor that is far from the truth.

Here are the couple’s cute photos posted on Instagram this Sunday by Justin Bieber. How could one doubt how glued the duo at each other?


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Of course, he captioned with a Licking Lips emoji 😋

Justin Yells at Hailey in Public!

February 2020

In a shocking U-turn on the couple goals, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are not celebrated across the internet but gossiped about the health of their relationship lately when a video of Justin yelling at Hailey surfaced on the Internet.

As silly as it sounds, it was just a video clip of the duo playing an Arcade game where Hailey seems to have beaten him. While Hailey jumped in excitement and posted a video thinking of it as a cute moment, Justin yelled at her in response. This made millions of their fans smirk about the health of their relationship.

Some people even found Justin Bieber’s behavior abusive against his wife, Hailey and pointed out the confession of Selena Gomez about JB being emotionally abusive to her.

“Honestly Low-key worried about her. That is not normally healthy behavior over losing an arcade game,” one person declared. “This makes me so uncomfortable. I am lowkey worried about her, he treats her like sh*t in public so who knows what he’s like behind closed doors. Actually, I’m not lowkey worried, I’m genuinely worried,” another person chimed in. Of course, some fans merely felt that Bieber was joking, but others felt that his tone, expression, and body language clearly stated otherwise. “This is NOT normal….he wasn’t even joking either by the facial expression at the end,” one person shared.

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