Jay-Z Jumps into Biodegradable Phone case Investment!

The tagline of Pela goes this way: “There is no Planet B.”

Once a songwriter, rapper and then an investor in business Jay-Z is a multi-faceted personality showcasing his talents in every field. Though Jay-Z has invested in companies that are quite a hippie now he has put his hands in a compostable phone case.

Despite phone covers being getting damaged easily and thrown to bins. There is an undeniable fact that a lot is spent on these for buying, packaging which has no exchange or replacements. And these are just plastics which can’t be decomposed.

He stated: “I go through cell phone cases pretty regularly because they tend to be an inexpensive way to express myself. So having those cases not contribute to the deluge of garbage we leave behind is a comfort.”

Jay-z has associated with Pela a mobile and glassware firm which offers products that will be compostable overtime when disposed of. But sadly it is yet to be designed. The cases will be in plain colors and will come at an approximate price of $40. It looks like its quite costly for middle-class customers as it is fully made from nature-friendly products.

The tagline of Pela goes this way: “There is no Planet B.”

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