Florida man tries to get alligator drunk

Florida never ceases to surprise.

Two Florida men Timothy Kepke, 27 and Noah Osborne, 22 narrowly missed possible jail time after the duo stole an Alligator with their bare hands.

Things got real absurd when a video of them surfaced that showed Kepke trying to get the alligator drunk on beer and enticing it to bite his hand. The alligator turned violent after beer was poured into its mouth.

A complaint was lodged according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The duo were arrested on October 3rd after Police tracked down the man chugging beer to the alligator in the video.

Kepke admitted to being the man in the video on Sept. 17. He told officers that he had a few beers but was not drunk during the incident. In his statement, he mentioned that he and Osborne had released the alligator alive.

Fresh reports suggest that after being taken to the Martin County Jail, they were released on bail.

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