A “Well” Named in Honor of Lebron James in Michigan and Pakistan!

An emerging clean water firm in Michigan has named a well after the famous NBA star Lebron James.

An emerging clean water firm in Michigan has named a well after the famous NBA star Lebron James. The founder of the startup “Panni,” is Sikander “Sonny Khan” and his co-founder Taha Syed.

The major goal of the project is to cater to pure water in their community. So they started it at Flint, Michigan and as well as in Pakistan. Besides, they are also doing their higher education at the University of Michigan.

Speaking to the media Syed stated that: “No matter how successful LeBron has gotten, he has always given back to his community.”

“As students at the University of Michigan, we’re very fortunate to be in the positions we’re in. For us to get to where we are, our parents had to make a lot of sacrifices, including leaving their home country of Pakistan. A lot of people in Pakistan don’t have the opportunities we have. Like LeBron, we see it as our duty to help the communities that helped to elevate us. Every day, LeBron reminds us of this through putting kids through Akron, the I Promise School, his work with Walmart, and many other philanthropic activities, that it’s important to give back to where you came from.”

Apart from him Sikander also says that the NBA star has been their greatest inspiration which made them name the well after him.

He also added saying: “We chose to name the well after LeBron because he’s a symbol of empowerment – constantly enabling everyone around him to achieve more both on and off-the-court,” Khan told LeBron Wire. “He always puts his family and friends in positions to succeed that otherwise would be difficult. Most importantly, as a public figure, his willingness to leverage his platform for social issues and serve as a voice for oppressed communities is something you can’t replicate. LeBron constantly utilizes his position to create opportunity and awareness for people in adverse situations.”

As per reports, the startup provides water with purity to 10,000 approx people in Pakistan and in Michigan.

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