‘Hollywood’ – A Story on Anna May Wong

The first American-Chinese star Anna May Wong’s life is depicted in the series of Hollywood.

American actress Anna May Wong (1905 - 1961), circa 1935. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

The first American-Chinese star Anna May Wong life is depicted in the series of Hollywood. Portrayed by Michelle Kruseic the series takes several advantages from her story which also shows her grabbing Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her character in the film Meg.

Born as Wong Liu Tsong in L.A. in 1905 was never a recipient of Oscars and some thought that her perfect opportunity to get nominated was a movie that she was not part of.

At the beginning of the 1930s, Wong shifted to Britain’s post getting frustrated portraying Asian roles or missing the characters to other artists. Amidst this situation, she filmed a movie Java Head in which he shared a steamy kiss with her white spouse onscreen.

An interracial kiss was accepted in U.K movies but this was not the case with Hollywood as it had its own rules to portray onscreen. Further certain things that can’t be revealed in the movies were miscegenation or interbreeding between varied cultural groups.

Anna was back in Los Angeles in 1935 especially to get a lead character in O-Ian that she anticipated portraying. Moreover, she was given the role of seducing Lotus which she declined to do. Her memoir states that: “You’re asking me, with Chinese blood, to do the only unsympathetic role in the picture featuring an all-American cast portraying Chinese characters.”

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